Things you need to know about betta fish tank mates ,community tank setting up for betta fish

1)Make sure the tankmate or the betta is not bigger than the betta itself.You are looking for trouble if you try to put in fish bigger than a betta!
2)Make sure the tankmate of ur betta is not of a bright colour as this will stimulate ur betta to attack the tankmate.
3)Make sure the tankmate u r going to put in lives in the same water conditions as bettas.This makes maintenance easier.
4)Make sure the tank has a decent amount of plants or decorations for the tankmate to rest and recuperate if it is at all bullied by ur betta.
5)Do ur homework and make sure the fish that u r going to put in with ur betta does not nip the fins of other fish.
6)Always ensure the tankmate has a peaceful temperament at all times.
7)Finally,never add in a betta as a tank mate.This= to death.The only exception is if you are planning to make a female sorority tank.

Article by Avinash Ramesh

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