Stop treating Betta's like Sandwiches :(

Sad to see they’re still the common peasants of the aquarium aisle, and they've been downgraded to living in take-out containers.
Spread the awareness, stop buying fishes form walmart,and other corporate...all they want is  money...and they treat bettas like shit .. :( sad

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  1. Que bien¡¡ pense que era la unica en contra de este trato con los hermosos betta. Hasta me bloquearon el facebock, por mis comentarios en contra. Que bien. Podemos sumarnos y protejer este pez tan hermoso. Lograt un trato humanitario y respetuoso.

  2. They are all just bricks in the Wal Mart.

  3. It is not just the store,But the Breeder as well.Money,money,money.

  4. if we stop buying those fish even though the money goes to these corporations those bettas will never live a good life they just die on that cramped containers like that

    1. They die when you get them home too. They are genetically very weak fish due to the breeding. They want them to die so you have to buy more

  5. There are plenty of people who breed bettas and privately sell their fish to responsible pet owners only. Never sell to someone who wants bettas for a wedding table centre piece! Or as wedding favours. I've rescued more than my fair share of pet store bettas, just because I can offer them more space, heated water and live food.