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Types of Betta fish

Ick or white spot disease in freshwater fishes


SYMPTOMS: Large white spots on the fins and body of the infected fish.

ORGANISM: Ciliated protozoan

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ichthyophthirius multifiliis

COMMON NAME(S): ick, white spot disease

RECOMMENDED TREATMENT: 0.15 ppm malachite green. 3 treatments, two days apart.

columnaris treatment for betta fish quality plays a vital role in the prevention and cure of this disease. Prior to initial dosing of any medication to the aquarium, one should perform a large water change (30-50%) with a thorough gravel cleaning in order to remove excess detritus and waste from the substrate.

There are several medications in the marketplace to treat Columnaris. Some persons advocate using copper sulphate, but in our opinion, the risk of further damage to the gills of the fish, is too great, and we do not recommend this drug for this disease.  


  1. treat the tank with 1 tablespoon salt per five gallons along with the antibiotic.
  2. you need to treat the tank with Maracyn and Maracyn-two together at the same time, in order for the treatment to be most effective

Most Important Aspects of Betta Care

1) Proper Water Changes
2) Warm Water (
3) Varied Diet (Live worms & pellets,flakes0
4) Quarantine New Fish/Plants/Tank mates
 you can greatly reduce the chances of your betta getting sick.

The History of Betta Fighting Fish

The Betta is a native fish originating from the Southern regions of Thailand (formerly known as Siam) and adjoining countries. Betta fish thrive in the natural wild and love shallow reedy pools, creeks and streams.
They most thrive in still water. For example: the waters of rice paddies, others from stagnant waters such as smaller pools, creeks and and reedy ponds.
This species of Siamese Fighting Fish gots its name mostly from the aggressiveness of male Bettas towards one another.
Fiece Fighting Fish
These small fish frequently are found in tiny ponds and small reedy pools of water, and therefore they'll fight to protect their smallish territory otherwise they can lose their breeding territory to a more dominate Betta male.
These small and beautiful Betta fish have been bred for more than one thousand years in areas of Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.
They are mostly bred as a decoration species, and sometimes they are bred even for fighting. These fighting fish (if placed in a bowl together) will oftentimes fight each other untill one of them actually dies.