minimum size of tank requirement for betta fish

what is a good betta fish tank size? I recommend 3.5 gallons and up, and have had a lot of success and had some very happy bettas in 3.5 gallon tanks, though this is the smallest I would recommend, and you must also consider the shape of the tank as well. A tall column shaped 3.5 gallon tank will not have a sufficient amount of surface area, and will not be a good choice. With a 3.5 gallon tank, decorating the aquarium can be a challenge. Betta's love to have good hiding places, but you also must not "crowd" the tank too much either, which can be tough with the small footprint of a
3.5 gallon betta tank.planted tank is always a better option.

Tubifex worms feed for betta fish

Scientific classification

paper betta fish

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How much should i feed my betta ?

One of the most common mistakes people make with their betta is either overfeeding or underfeeding their fish. A betta should be fed every day or nearly every day. (If you keep a betta in the office and you can’t feed him on the weekends, he will be just fine as long as you feed him the other 5 days a week) It takes a betta about 2 weeks to starve to death so if your fish doesn’t eat for a few days due to illness or adjusting to a new home, don’t panic.

A good rule of thumb at feeding time is this… A betta’s stomach is about as big as his eyeball and should not be fed more that amount at a time. This translates to about 3 bloodworms or brine shrimp per feeding. If you feed pellets, this equals about 2-3 soaked pellets per feeding. A betta can be fed this amount once or twice a day.

Fish pellet or flake food containers often say “Feed what your fish will eat in 5 minutes or until he stops eating.” This DOES NOT apply to bettas. In the wild their instinct is to eat as much as possible because they don’t know when their next meal is coming. In a tank, however, we DO know when their next meal is coming. It is up to us to not overfeed our fish. Overfeeding can lead to water quality problems and illness not to mention obesity.


What should i feed my betta ?

blood worms dried 
  • Frozen or live bloodworms or bloodworms in gel
  • Frozen or live brine shrimp or brine shrimp in gel
  • Frozen or live daphnia
  • Frozen glass worms
  • Frozen beef heart (can be purchased at your supermarket or butcher)
  • Frozen tubifex worms (live tubifex often carry parasites or bacteria and is better avoided)
  • Frozen mysis shrimp
  • Live white worms
  • Live grindal worms
  • Live flightless or wingless fruit flies

betta fish vs snail

Golden halfmoon betta fish