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Golden king crown betta fish

Things you need to know about betta fish tank mates ,community tank setting up for betta fish

1)Make sure the tankmate or the betta is not bigger than the betta itself.You are looking for trouble if you try to put in fish bigger than a betta!
2)Make sure the tankmate of ur betta is not of a bright colour as this will stimulate ur betta to attack the tankmate.
3)Make sure the tankmate u r going to put in lives in the same water conditions as bettas.This makes maintenance easier.
4)Make sure the tank has a decent amount of plants or decorations for the tankmate to rest and recuperate if it is at all bullied by ur betta.
5)Do ur homework and make sure the fish that u r going to put in with ur betta does not nip the fins of other fish.
6)Always ensure the tankmate has a peaceful temperament at all times.
7)Finally,never add in a betta as a tank mate.This= to death.The only exception is if you are planning to make a female sorority tank.

Article by Avinash Ramesh

Milky White Halfmoon Betta fish pair

Pink Feather tail Betta fish

Animal cruelty in Walmart,Maybe you all can help

Maybe you all can help, I went to walmart today to get some antibiotics to help save one of my boys because he has a fungus when I saw 4 male bettas, two in separate containers and then two in the same container, of course I was upset at their state. The water was disgusting and smelled without me even opening the plastic lids. I adopted them of course, brought them home and got them into clean water. Two of them seem to not be able to use their tail fins. I'm worried that they might drown in the water because they can't get to the top since they are the type of fish that like to swim to the top and breath oxygen and are top eaters for the most part. I've spent the last hour looking at things online and none of them seem to help. Any ideas???
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  • Gennifer Drake-Davis Would it help to keep them in shallow bowls with only enough water for them to swim but not drown?
    I'm not an expert, just a thought while they recover. Thank you for saving them
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  • Ashley Baird I agree smaller bowls for now shallow water until they are able to use their tail fins and swim better.
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  • Rashia van den Ende I appreciate that.
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  • Rashia van den Ende Any ideas on what could be wrong with them?
  • Ashley Baird Are the 2 that can't use their tail fins the ones that were in the same container?
  • Rashia van den Ende No they aren't
  • Rashia van den Ende The ones in the same container are actually very friendly to each other, which is to be expected after who knows how long of being cooped up with each other. Neither of those two seem to be hurt and they swim around with each other, no flaring at all.
  • Suzanah Sarafin Do their tails look like they're missing chunks or are being eaten away as a fungus like substance can look like this but is actually bacterial in nature. Regardless I would recommend daily water changes and sea or aquarium salt treatments. They may also be passive with each other at the moment as they are both unhealthy.
  • Suzanah Sarafin I would not recommend using table salt as it is iodized and not good for them,
  • Ashley Baird Thats strange I would still keep an eye on them tho if your keeping them together. Could be anything from fin rot to just being handled rougly they have delicate fins and can be damaged easily
  • Rashia van den Ende There is nothing wrong as far as his fins go.. They are both perfectly intact. Thanks for that, I'm experienced enough to know to use the salt, which is what I'm doing now. I have all of these males split up so they can't harm each other.
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  • Rashia van den Ende Give me a moment to take pictures and I will post them in here
  • Rashia van den Ende This one has a curve in its back and has no use of its tail fins
  • Rashia van den Ende This one seems to swim fine just doesn't use his tail.
  • Ashley Baird hmmm I'm not sure poor guys atleast you got them out of that nasty place
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  • Suzanah Sarafin I agree these guys don't look good. I would start with the clean water and salt and see how they're doing in a few days.
  • Rashia van den Ende Thank you all for your help.
  • Autumn Rupert Thanks for rescuing them!!!!! Walmart is TERRIBLE with their fish. I was just there today myself, and there was a dead crowntail  and just 2 females left. The 2 girls were so stressed. Their fins all closed up and they were laying on the bottom of the cup. Both were very pale. I couldn't stand it and brought them home. They are SO happy to be in new 'homes' and they LOVE their leaves.
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