Fancy Mustard gas Betta fish

Stop treating Betta's like Sandwiches :(

Sad to see they’re still the common peasants of the aquarium aisle, and they've been downgraded to living in take-out containers.
Spread the awareness, stop buying fishes form walmart,and other corporate...all they want is  money...and they treat bettas like shit .. :( sad

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How to Have a Happy Betta Fish

How to Have a Happy Betta Fish

1.Make sure your betta has a good home.
 Bettas need a minimum of 2.5 gallons, a heater, and a low current filter to be happy. They are also happiest when they haveclean water, so be sure to do a 25% water change every week for 5 - 10 gallons, twice a week for tanks 2.5 gallons.

2.Teach him to jump out at the water at your finger by wiggling your finger above the surface of the water.

 You can even stick a food pellet on the tip of your finger to motivate him, but only if it's meal time. Be careful not to let him jump out of the tank.Betta fish are curious fish, and they like to play! Move your finger around on the glass of his tank, and he might follow you around.

3.Move around his decorations or buy him a new one. 

Bettas love exploring, so caves and tunnels are good choices for decorations.

4.Contrary to some popular belief, Betta fish do NOT live long in small puddles or filthy environments.

They reside in large rice paddies and slow moving streams. In the case of most Betta the bigger the aquarium the better.

Bring in some "company" to pal with the Betta fish.

 Betta fish like company when your not home. Buy him an apple snail, zebra diano, or cory cat to keep him company. Make sure to avoid colorful, aggressive and fish with long fins such as guppies or other bettas so the Betta doesn't try to attack them.


Betta fish goes well with molly

Betta fish in Planted tank, winner of aquascaping competation