earth worm culture for betta

*get some earth worms from your garden , not too big and not too small
place them in a smooth surface.pour a bit of water to immerse the worms.let remain there for some seconds
after some the worms crawl out of the semisolid  mud.the healthy ones comes out first

*collect worms and put them is a cup of rain water or non chlorinated water

*put them in a glass jar
* the worms become pale as soon as placed in water
it can be used to feed the fish or to start a earthworm culture

* add smooth sand and some rotten vegetables,fruits,do not use onions/chillies
cover the top with a mesh and leave it in a shade and sprinkle water when the culture becomes dry.
keep adding vegetables when the previous gets over

* this is mud and some weak worms
it is useless and must be wasted

*harvest it monthly and redo the culture again
to obtain  healthy worms