minimum size of tank requirement for betta fish

what is a good betta fish tank size? I recommend 3.5 gallons and up, and have had a lot of success and had some very happy bettas in 3.5 gallon tanks, though this is the smallest I would recommend, and you must also consider the shape of the tank as well. A tall column shaped 3.5 gallon tank will not have a sufficient amount of surface area, and will not be a good choice. With a 3.5 gallon tank, decorating the aquarium can be a challenge. Betta's love to have good hiding places, but you also must not "crowd" the tank too much either, which can be tough with the small footprint of a
3.5 gallon betta tank.planted tank is always a better option.

Tank SizeL x W x HFilled Weight
2.5 gallon12" x 6" x 8"27 lbs
5 gallon16" x 8" x 10"62 lbs
10 gallon20" x 10" x 12"111 lbs
15 gallon24" x 12" x 12"170 lbs
20 gallon High24" x 12" x 16"225 lbs
20 gallon Long30" x 12" x 12"225 lbs
25 gallon24" x 12" x 20"282 lbs
29 gallon30" x 12" x 18"330 lbs
30 gallon Breeder36" x 18" x 12"348 lbs
40 gallon Breeder36" x 18" x 16"458 lbs
40 gallon Long48" x 12" x 16"455 lbs
50 gallon36" x 18" x 19"600 lbs
55 gallon48" x 13" x 21"625 lbs


  1. Okay, that is great, I fit right into the 3.5 section here. My Tank might even be a 4 gallon but not completely sure. Either way.. here is my link to my page - I just recently posted photos up from today's complete monthly cleaning. I also take out about 1/8 or a little more of water once a week replacing it with fresh clean dechlorinated water < I use Prime >

  2. So many people just don't know how bad a bowl or tiny tank is. They think about it only looking pretty/decorative. Most are just uneducated on how to properly care for a Betta, especially the people who purchase through Box Stores and Chains. Thanks for the post reminding people what is right. <3

  3. By the way I always use a 5 gallon box tank for one Betta. I usually only have had males. But you could have 2 females I think comfortably in there. Also it's important to note the reason why bigger is better is because the amount of surface area (on top where the water meets the air) is how well your fish is going to breathe. I just want to cry when I see beautiful Bettas in vases!!!! And people who do that say oh Bettas don't live very long. :(