Things needed for breeding tank setup for betta fish

Things You'll Need

* 2 tanks for male and female bettas
* 10 gallon tank with cover and light for breeding
* Indian almond leaves or dried up banana leaves
* Tank divider or oil lamp chimney
* Submersible heater capable of maintaining 80 degrees Fahrenheit
* Gentle filter
* Gentle siphon
* Turkey baster
* Hiding places (plants, pvc piping, etc)
* Brine shrimp nets
* Maroxy, Bettafix, Ampicilin, or other healing medications
* Live adult food (blood worms or brine shrimp)
* Fry food culture (microworms or infusoria)
* Frozen, flake or pellet food
* Tanks for young males(50-100)
* Large "juvenile tank" (30-50 gallons)

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