Betta breeding

*  You will need to acquire both male and female Betta fish.

*  You should setup your breeding tank. Make sure your tank is clean. Washing it with very hot water is a good precaution; do not use soap to clean your tank. Add 5-6 inches of water to your tank; add your sponge filter and finally your heater. Set the heater between 80-82 degrees. Add the recommended dose of an aquarium bacteria starter and water conditioner. Turn on your sponge filter for now.

* use dried Indian almond leaves
* or use dried banana leaves
*  After a week you are ready to introduce your fish. Turn off your sponge filter at this point.
Add your male Betta fish in the main tank area first. Give him a minute to look around and explore his new surroundings. Then add
your female Betta into the divided part of the tank or into your hurricane glass. The female and the male MUST BE SEPARATED

*  Now you will need to judge if your Bettas are ready to breed. The male Betta should be flaring his fins out around the female and building a bubble nest

most likely under your half cup. The female will develop vertical bars on her body, this is difficult to see on lighter colored fish. The female Betta should 
be released at this time, normally 24-48 hours after initial introduction into the tank. It is best to release the female just before "lights out" in the tank. 

*  Once the breeding procedure is over female betta  is removed from the tank.

*  When both parties are ready to breed the female Betta will position herself under the nest and the male Betta will wrap his body around the female. The fish will appear paralyzed for a short period of time. This embrace will be repeated several times until the female Betta has expelled all her eggs

*  This process again can be as much as 1 to 2 days. If the fish have not spawned in this amount of time you may want to remove the female and try another time. During this time you should attempt to not bother the fish as much as possible. You should not feed the fish while they are both in the tank together either.

*  Your male Betta will now tend to the eggs on his own for the next 24-36 hours, catching them and placing them back in the nest as they fall out. 

*  After around 4 days the baby Betta fry will become free swimming and your male will be struggling to keep them all near the nest. The male should be removed at this time.

*  It is time to start feed your Betta fry. Microworms is good for frys.
2-3 drops should be good. If you watch closely you will see your fry eating the Mircoworms,The baby fry should be feed every 4-6 hours, a very demanding schedule. If you still see Microworms on the bottom of the tank when you go for your next feeding skip it.
feeding process for 3-4 weeks.

* or even EARTH WORMS


  1. Nice article and awesome looking Betta.

    Is the Indian almond leaves
    used to lower pH? Does the lower pH promote breeding or does the leaf have special properties. Just curious.

  2. My female betta is showing vertical bars,but the fish is small,is it ready to spawn????
    Plz help

  3. My female betta is showing vertical bars,but the fish is small,is it ready to spawn????
    Plz help