What Betta Fish Like To Eat

What are the foods that Bettas... love the most?
We'll list them below but first... one thing that you should keep in mind is: "It's best if Bettas eat a variety of foods":.
Foods which we'll call &quit:Prepared foods". Things like freeze dried foods, frozen foods and even live foods.
However one thing that all Betta fish owners quickly learn is... Bettas are finicky eaters.
It's like the old saying: "One Mans Food Is Another Mans Poison!". This holds true when it comes to Bettas as well.
Food that you give to one betta will be consumed as quickly as you place it in the tank. However, give the same food to another Betta and he'll spit it out just as quickly! So, what type of foods do pretty much all Bettas love? Let's find out below...
Some known favorites of Bettas are:
Freeze Dried Bloodworms. This food is liked by almost all Bettas. And it has a lesser chance of being infected by parasites say than freeze dried grub.
Here's another favorite... live baby guppy fish. Bettas oftentimes go wild when you feed them guppies!
Then there's specialty foods just for Betta fish. One excellent food you can easily find at your local pet store is: "Hikari Betta Bio Gold" Bettas also love the stuff! And its great nutrition for them too!
Frozen food which includes Bloodworms and "Brine Shrimp" is another favorite of almost all Bettas. You can use a little dixie cup to thaw-out the frozen food but... make sure that you usie fresh tank water which is the best. How many Bloodworms should you feed you pet Betta? Usually about three to four per feeding is about the right amount.
"Mosquito larvae" is another food which Bettas seem to love. They'll even thrash about trying to devour all that they can!
But the bottom line is (when it comes to feeding)... finding out just what your pet Betta loves the most, and serving it up as the main meal. Luckily feeding bettas comes down to offering them what they'll eat.
So, you can see that Bettas love lots of different types of foods, and what one Betta will eat another Betta may turn his nose up at! Try a few different styles of fish food, and it won't take you very long to work out which food is the favorite of your pet Betta.
Just remember that a Bettas stomach is tiny and usually no more than the size of its eye. In some instances, it holds true that a Bettas eyes are bigger than their stomach!
So, you should keep this in mind at feeding time, and try and limit the amount of food that you feed you pet Betta.

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